The Pink Lady of Malibu
The Pink Lady of Malibu


It's October, which means the end of the month brings another anniversary of Lynne (Seemayer) Westmore Bloom's amazing feat: 2023 marks 57 years! Here's a very early article from the Valley News & Green Sheet.


On Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019 — the 2-year anniversary of her death — Lynne Westmore Bloom's son Stephen Seemayer and her daughter-in-law Pamela Wilson visited her resting place at Oakwood Memorial Park in Chatsworth, CA, leaving a handful of yellow lilies like the ones the Pink Lady clasped in her hand as she frolicked on the cliffside in Malibu more than 50 years ago.

new sign of the times

Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018, was the 1-year anniversary of the death of Pink Lady creator Lynne Westmore Bloom.


A drive to the site revealed a new sign, prohibiting graffiti. Lynne would have gotten a kick out of that.


As time goes on, the Pink lady becomes more and more visible beneath her shroud of gray.

michael westmore MEMOIR

In his 2017 memoir, "Makeup Man," Oscar-winner Michael Westmore recounts his incredible career as the creator of special effects makeup for "Star Trek" movies and TV shows, "Raging Bull," "Mask" and many other cinematic achievements. He also writes about his family, the famed Westmores of Hollywood, a dynasty as legendary for its contribution to the film industry as for its colorful, sometimes outrageous, antics.


Along the way, Westmore pays tribute to his cousin, Lynne Westmore Seemayer, the artist behind the Pink Lady of Malibu.

The Pink Lady Lives again!

To honor the passing of Pink Lady creator Lynne Westmore Bloom, PaintScaping brought the iconic Malibu artwork back to life for a little while on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017. Led by Michael Kory and Philippe Bergeron, the Pink Lady was projected onto the cliff above the tunnel on Malibu Canyon Road, simulating the original Pink Lady painted by Bloom (then known as Lynne Seemayer) in 1966. A few of Lynne's friends and family members were present as cars slowed and their drivers honked in admiration. Photographer Eric Myer of Malibu captured this timelapse of the event.


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